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One of my Job (Drama B.Inggris)

It's my first posting! ;)

eehmmm ,, sesuai dengan judul nya . disini gue bakal berbagi soal naskah drama B.Inggris gue .. B)
*baikkan gue :* *
dan bagi para pembaca tercinta yang mau CoPas, Please tinggalin jejak .
one more ngga semua naskah drama ini yang bikin gue sama temen - temen, ada beberapa yang kita ambil dari Internet .

so, here we goes!

Sleeping Beauty

Scene I
Narator         : In ancient time there lived a king and queen in a beautiful palace.
                         But they were so sad because they had no children.

Queen           : “My king, I’m very sad. Until this day we have a child”
King               : “Please calm my queen, maybe some time we can have a child”

Narrator        : a queen very restless until one day time king and queen were happy, because it has many - years without child, and finally a daughter was born in that palace. Every fairy at world was invited to that party.

Fairy Mica    : Good Afternoon King and Queen , I’m very happy about your daughter !

King              : “Thank you Fairy Mica !”
Queen           : “and Thank you on your arrival. This kingdom really will be colorful by birth of Aurora.”
King               : “Yes. Yes. Please fairy Mica give blessing for Aurora.”
Fairy Mica     : “Aurora, accept blessing from me. you will be a beauty princess in  the whole world and you will always get a lot of affection”
witch             : “Ha ha ha ha! Why? Why don’t you invite me to this party?!”
King               : “Sorry, because we think you has left this kingdom”
Witch            :”What?! did you think I die ?!”
Queen           :”oh I’m very sorry, don’t be mad, this is just misundestanding, 
please calm down”
Witch            :”you’re Late ! I will curse your doughter ! she’s finger will pricked a needle and she will die! Hahahaa!!”
King               :”oh my god! What happen to my daughter??”
Queen           :”oh please, please, save my daughter”
Fairy Mica     :”Please calm down my queen, I’m sorry I can’t undo the curse, but I have lightened that curse. Your child just asleep at when she pricked, and only a prince can make her wake up”
Quen              : “Thank you fairy Mica, you help us so much.”

Narrator       : king and queen a little relieved to hear it and from now they really - really keep her daughter from Needles

Scene II
Narrator       : now the Princess has age 18. Someday The King and Queen left the castle for a full day. And the Princess Aurora was very lonely, and she walked around the palace, she arrived at the castle tower, and there were looms and an old woman who a wicked witch.

Princess Aurora:”What are you doing here lonely, madam?”
Witch             :” I'm weaving a fabric”
Princess Aurora:”oh really? Is that fun?”
Witch             :”of course my dear, you wanna to try it?”
Princess Aurora:”Sure! Thank’s madam I’m very interesting”

Narator         :when the princess used the needle, the witch accidentally put a needle to the Princess Aurora and The Princess Aurora fill asleep, at the time King and Queen go home and then the queen calling her  daughter.

Queen           :”Aurora.. My Angel where are you dear?

Narator         : A queen feel worried because the princess not coming and then
The queen and king go find for the they daughter and finally they
find the princess on the castle tower

King                :”My Princess why you sleep in here? Wake up dear”
Queen           :”Aurora, come on wake up”  

Narator         :they very shock when the Princess not wake up, and they immediately called fairy Mica for help, Fairy Mica were coming.

Fairy Mica    :”What happen my king and queen?”
King                :”Sometihing happen to my daughter  fairy, apparently the curse star working. What do I Fairy?!”
Queen           :”Please help us! Please!”
King                :”Yeah! Please help us fairy!”
Fairy Mica    :”Calm, my Queen dan king, now we have bring her to the bed “
room ..”
King                :”oh yes! Guard! Come here!”

Scene III

Fairy Mica    : “now, I will make you are sleep and you will not wake up until The Princess wake up.
This magic just until ten years My king and queen. And if now to ten years there was no prince
come, the princess will be die”
Queen           :”oh My… poor my daughter…”
King                :”Calm my queen.. Ok! I agree, I trust you.. and Please find the Prince for save my princess..”
Fairy Mica    :”of course my King .. “

Narator         :Ten years ago, no one who came prince to the castle, trees grow dense shrubs and
thorny growth throughout the castle, making it difficult for someone to log into it, the issue was
scattered where - where, who said that the kingdom was haunted, ruled by the wicked witch, and so
on. when, on a day when a prince stricken kingdom to hunt, and then the victim run away to the
Diamond Castle .

Prince Adam :”What this is place? It so dirty, very stranger, and apparently 
there was no occupant…”

Scene IV

Narrator       :one day he met with fairy Mica and fairy mica tell what happened exactly

Fairy Mica    :”exactly in this castle there was a beautiful princess the named princess aurora her
sleeping in there because the wicked witch curse,umm may you help us?”
Prince Adam:”What can I help you?”
Fairy Mica    :”this curse just can broke with the true love and just a prince can make her wake up”
Prince Adam :”Oh, I see, I will help you!”
Fairy Mica    :”Thank you so much. But you must becarefull prince Adam, because it is very danger”
Prince Adam :”Sure! Thanks for advice!”
Fairy Mica    :“ah, and this is for you.. I give you a bottle full of rose water then this rose please give
to the Princess Aurora… Sorry I can help you just it ..”
Prince Adam :” Don’t worry, this is very helpful”

Scene V

Narrator       : Next morning, prince left his kingdom to wake up Princess 
Aurora. Of course the witch now that a prince would come to rescue the princess.

Witch             : “Hey you are stupid prince! Don’t hope that you can rescue 
Princess Aurora! Because before you are success, I will kill you!”

Prince Adam: “I am not afraid with stupid fairy like you! I promise for you, to  
            rescue her.”
witch              :“Proud kid! You say like that to me?”

Prince            : “Yes, because I dare to kill you.” 

Scene VI

Witch             :”You weak! You can not defeat me!”
Prince Adam:”really! Come on see it!”

Scene VII

Prince Adam:”aaarrrrggghhh!!!”
Witch             :”Aha! See! You weak silly boy!!”
Prince Adam:”aarrghh!! Go you are stupid Fairy!!”
Witch           :" aaaaahhh!! noooooo!!"

Narrator       : Finally, that witch died. His primary task now will be easily to be 
done, to cancel the curse.

Scene VIII

Prince Adam: “My Princess Aurora, here’s moment that I’ll rescue you.  Accept this rose.”

Scene IX

Narrator       : After a while, miracle of that rose is successful and wakes the entire members of
kingdom up.

Princess Aurora:“Where am I? and who are you?”
Prince Adam :”please calm down, I am a prince of the star kingdom, I come here for save you my
Princess Aurora:”Oh prince, thank you. That you free me from that a curse with your courage.”

Narrator       :And now, they all of diamond castle wake up too

King                :”My princess!! Finaly you save!! Oh God thanks!!”
Queen           :”ooh!! My Princess!!”
King                :”Thank’s god! Ah, who are you?”
Prince Adam:”ehm, I am prince Adam, prince of the star kingdom Yourhighness”
King                :”So, you are the Prince who save soul my princess..”
Prince Adam:”yes yourhighness”
King                :”Thank you so much prince Adam”
Queen           :”Yeah, you very helpful, Prince Adam”
Prince Adam: “Ah, don’t worship me like that. Honest, I want to say that I very 
love you Princess. Do you want to marry with me?”
Queen           : “My Princess, marries him. Later you’ll be happy.”
Princess Aurora: “Thanks father, mother. Prince, actually you are the one that I wait, I love you too.
So, I accept your request.”

Narrator       : Finally Princess Aurora and Prince Adam are happy alive forever.

Yeaaah!! Finished!! ^^)9

Sekali lagi bagi kalian yang ingin CoPas, Dimohon untuk meninggalkan jejak terimakasih !
dan juga saya tegaskan ini bukan murni hasil tangan saya dan teman satu kelompok, tapi juga ada
tambahan dari sumber - sumber yang lain !

note : ada beberapa penjelasan yang perlu saya sampaikan ^^
1. Nama kerajaan yang sebenarnya dicerita itu bukan Diamond Castle, Diamond Castle ini hanya
buatan saya dan kelompok saya.
2.Dicerita sebenarnya terdapat 3 peri, tapi dikarenakan dikelompok saya hanya ada 7 orang jadi
hanya bisa memerankan 1 peri saja ^^ *maklum ini bukan resital drama perkelas jadi pemainnya
3.Nama pangeran yang dicerita sebenarnya bukanlah Adam, nama pangeran Adam murni buatan
saya ^^v
4.Terus maaf kalo banyak kata - kata yang salah, suer itu sama sekali tidak ada unsur kesengajaan
5.Maaf juga kalo formatnya berantakan, yaaah beginilah keadaannya harap maklum yaah ^^v
6.hmmmm... apalagi yaah,, saya lupa lagi rincianya, hahaha!! yasudahlah yaah ..

kritik, dan sarannya sangat ditunggu looh!!

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